Test – zažívam násilie?

This survey serves as a guide for orientation for identifying violence in intimate partner relationships.

Has this ever happened to you/ Does your partner ever:

  • Ponižuje Vás partner verbálne – nadáva Vám?
  • Has your partner ever attacked you physically (elbowed you, kicked you, cut you etc.)?
  • Does he intimidate you by violent behavior?
  • Does he attack people outside the household?
  • Does partner threaten to kill (you) or suicide (himself)?
  • Is your partner extremely possessive to you or your children?
  • Does he prevent you from contact with your family or friends, isolate you from the environment?
  • Does he control you or stalk you?
  • Does he force you to do trivial activities or behave according to his rules?
  • Does he try to control or manipulate you through children?
  • Does he not give you enough money or you have to ask for them?
  • Does he knowingly destroy your favorite things?
  • Is your partner addicted?
  • Has he been previously convicted of a crime?
  • Do you feel threat to your life or health?
  • Does he force you to have sex when you refuse?
  • Do the attacks on you have escalating tendency? Do they occur more frequently?
  • After an attack does a partner try to apologize, promise you that this will not be repeated?

Pokiaľ ste odpovedala kladne na niektorú z uvedených možností, môže u Vás ísť o domáce násilie. Ak ste odpovedali kladne na viac ako polovicu otázok, pravdepodobne žijete v násilníckom vzťahu – STE ŽENA, NA KTOREJ JE PÁCHANÉ NÁSILIE.

Every woman has the right to live without violence, therefore if you live in a violent relationship, do not tolerate further violence and do not be shy to seek professional help. Violence by itself will not stop! Violence has tendency to deteriorate.

Source: www.mymamy.sk