OZ Hana

… Created by women for women experiencing violence and their children…

HANA is the civic association of which main objective is to operate in the area of violence against women. WE ARE WOMEN WHO BELIVE IN THE IDEAL STATE – ZERO TOLERANCE OF VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN.

Our activities are focused in several areas. The priority activity is providing specific services to women experiencing violence. We operate in the field of eliminating and preventing violence against women and their children. We have been trying to establish cooperation with domestic and foreign organizations working in the issue and relating to multi-institutional cooperation with the relevant governmental / public institutions to provide women experiencing violence the most comprehensive assistance.

OZ HANA’s mission is:

HANA operates a helpline and counseling center that provides specialized services for women experiencing violence and their children.

CRISIS HELPLINE represents the first contact. It serves women who are not sure whether have been experiencing violence, women who have been experiencing / had been experiencing violence and also by third parties (family, friends / girlfriends, institutions, etc.). Crisis Helpline is available Monday   Friday at 9:00 to 17:00.

COUNSELING CENTER provides basic and specialized social, legal and psychological counseling to women experiencing violence from current / former partner / spouse without charging.

In our work we follow the Recommendations for support services as well as Minimum standards of the Council of Europe. We perceive violence as violation of HUMAN RIGHTS and the CRIME. Violence against women does not justify a responsibility attributed to the one who is committing it.

  • Our priority is the SAFETY and PROTECTION of women.
  • The aim of our work is to EMPOWER women to be able to decide themselves on their lives. We perceive women as female experts on their lives and therefore provide those help, support and space where they can talk about their experience with violence and make decisions.
  • We RESPECT women in their decisions and approach them with respect.
  • When providing services THE NEEDS OF WOMEN and THEIR VIEWS are taken in consideration; we try to provide services that best reflect and respond to their needs.
  • We strive to ensure that our services are ACCESSIBLE to all women, LONG-TERMGARANTED as long as women need and FREE OF CHARGE.
  • We TRUST to what women say and we have been preserving their ANONYMITY and confidentiality.
  • Services of counseling center are managed DEMOCRATICALLY and therefore workers and also women (clients) participate in decision-making processes.
  • We inform women of their rights – human RIGHTS and SERVICES to which they are entitled.
  • We are trying to RAISE AWARENESS of the community, prevention and establishing cooperation with other relevant institutions in Spišská Nová Ves, which are involved in coordinated assistance to women experiencing violence and their children.