The Statutes

§1 Name of the civic association


§2 Head Association

Teplička 267, 052 01 Teplička

§3 The aims of civic Association

3.1 The civic association HANA is:

  1. be active in prevention of violence against women and children,
  2. to draw attention to the consequences of violence against women and children in the Slovak Republic,
  3. to provide basic social counseling and intervention, legal and psychological services in the crisis center / in collaboration with an expert in these professions, ensuring operation of crisis lines, social and legal protection, social prevention, field social work, social assistance and support thriving to improve the lives women and socially disadvantaged women and their children who are victims of violence, in collaboration with an expert in these professions and guarantor of the quality of the project NGOs FENESTRA,
  4. offer specialized social counseling for women experiencing violence and their children according to the Law no. 448/2008 Coll. on social services and amending Act no. 455/1991 Coll. on Trades (Trade Act), as amended, and Act č.485 / 2013 Coll., laying down the law amended
  5. to provide women and their children free or affordable, assistance and services
  6. to provide or arrange accommodation, food, basic personal hygiene, clothing, health care, leisure time activities and education for women and their children,
  7. to provide assistance and support ženám—victims of trafficking and trafficking with human beings,
  8. carry out activities aimed at the preparation and implementation of training and education professional and semi-professional workers and staff as well as volunteers and volunteers working in the field of counseling and assistance as well as for other professions,
  9. to organize workshops, trainings and projects contributing to the presentation and promotion of our activities, assumptions, philosophy and objectives,
  10. to publish original and translation texts and materials, which contribute to the awareness of professional and general public on the subject of violence against women and children and the possible solutions to the problem of violence,
  11. to carry out social prevention and specific activities of social protection and the provision of social counseling for women experiencing violence and their children,
  12. to establish and develop contacts with domestic and foreign organizations working on the issue of violence against women and lead initiatives in line with the objectives of the association and general legal standards,
  13. to lead and participate in professional internships in domestic and foreign institutions and educational institutions,
  14. to promote professional and personal growth of its members and protect their interests and rights.

3.2 The main activities of the civic association HANA is and will be based on the principle of Self-help, the partisan advice and work for women.

3.3 The Association shall not engage in any activity pertaining political party, church and religious companies and other companies used for business or to ensure the proper performance of certain professions.

§4 Membership in associations

4.1 Civil Association HANA is voluntary and democratic association. It brings together people regardless of nationality, gender, origin, religion, social or other status.

4.2 feet or can join any natural or legal person who has reached 18 years is legal capacity and agrees with the articles of association.

4.3 The admission of a member / members determined by the Bureau upon receipt of written application.

4.4 The condition of membership form is worked 100 hours of volunteering, expressions of interest for membership (in the form of application) and pay the membership fee.

4.5 Membership shall cease upon resignation, expulsion, death of member / member (ie. The date of termination of the legal person) and the dissolution of the Association. For performance is also considered that if the member / member one year without justification participate in the general meeting, or pay the membership fee.

§5 The rights and obligations of female members and membership

5.1 Rights of member / members are:

  • Participate in the activities of the Association,
  • To elect and be elected / chosen,
  • Be informed on the activities of the Association, submit proposals to change the Rules of Procedure and Statutes,
  • Inspect documentation associations (including financial), in addition to the documentation by the under the protection of personal data,
  • Use the library organization and material and technical equipment,
  • Convene the General Assembly (General Assembly may convene a group of at least five female members or members of the association),
  • Turn on the bodies of the association with the suggestions and complaints and to ask their opinion,
  • Benefit and benefits provided internal rules of the association, subject to the specified conditions.

5.2 Obligations of the member / members are:

  • respect and comply with the statutes,
  • assist in meeting the objectives of the association and to participate actively in its work,
  • participate in the general meeting,
  • participate in volunteer activities for associations,
  • to pay the membership fee,
  • according to his conscience, the extent of their abilities and capabilities to assist the body of the association,
  • to protect and enhance the assets of the association

§6 Bodies of the Association, the method of their appointment

6.1 The bodies of the Association are:

  • General Assembly
  • Bureau
  • Statutory authority
  • Review Commission

§7 General Assembly

7.1 The General Assembly is the supreme body of the association. It consists of all the female members and members of the Association.

7.2 Meeting of the General Assembly shall be convened by the Presidency, as appropriate, a maximum of two times a year, what timely notify all members and ankles. The General Assembly may convene a group of five female members or members of the association. The validity of the resolutions of the General Assembly is simple majority of members present and female members. One exception is a resolution on the termination of the association, which requires at least a simple majority of votes of all members of a resolution approving or amending the statutes, which requires at least a two-thirds majority vote of the members present.

7.3 The General Assembly, in particular:

  1. pending, approved and adopted, amended and repealed Articles of Association
  2. decide on fundamental issues and orientation of the association,
  3. elect and dismiss members and members of the Bureau,
  4. elect and dismiss members and members of the audit committee,
  5. decide on the dissolution of the Association.

§8 Bureau

8.1 The Bureau is the executive body of the association. Manages the activities of civic association HANA between sessions of the General Assembly. For his work is the responsibility of the General Assembly.

8.2 The Bureau shall have at least three members / female members whose term of office shall be two years. The Bureau shall meet as necessary, but at least once a year. the Presidency quorum if the requisite majority / female members. The Bureau shall decide by a simple majority of members present / female members.

8.3 Before the end of the term can be member / ka Bureau revoked by the General Assembly. In his / her place of the General Assembly shall elect a new member / member.

8.4 In the period between general meetings, the Bureau may rely and propose new members / member if elected members / members are unable to consistently perform its function.

8.5 The Bureau approves the financial budget and proposals for the use of the goods of the Association.

8.6 The Bureau in particular:

  1. elect and recall among its members and female members of the President / Chair and Vice-President / Vice President
  2. manages and ensures the activities of the Association,
  3. directs and manages the organizational unit of the Association,
  4. decide on the dissolution of the Association, if the General Assembly at the invitation of re going to come to three months to decide on dissolution of the Association,
  5. provides a liquidator in the event of liquidation of the association, if not done the General Assembly.

8.7 Bureau to ensure their operations and activities of the Association may establish a secretariat office.

§9 Statutory Authority

9.1 The statutory body of the association's chairman, who represents the association externally.

9.2 The President shall convene a meeting of the governing Bureau, a sign to all financial matters. If necessary, may delegate the performance of its Vice President / Vice President or another member / member of the board.

9.3 The statutory body responsible for drawing up the plan and progress reports, draft budget and management report of the association.

§10 Review Committee

10.1 The Audit Committee is the supervisory body of the association. Oversees the management of the association and its various bodies with regard to the observance of laws and regulations, statutes and other internal regulations of the association. On its activities inform the General Assembly at its meetings.

10.2 The Audit Committee has three members / members of which are elected from among the Chair / President.

10.3 It meets at least twice a year. The negotiations shall be convened and chaired by the chairman / chairwoman. The Audit Committee is a quorum is present absolute majority of its members / female members. Decisions are taken by simple majority of members present / female members.

§11 Principles of management

11.1 The Association may carry out economic activities in accordance with the legislation in force in order to achieve the set objectives and improvement activities of the Association.

11.2 It may issue periodical and non-periodical publications.

11.3 Expenses of the Association are spending to support the purpose of the association and management expenses of the association.

11.4 The financial resources for the activities of the Association are:

  • donations,
  • subsidies,
  • grants,
  • rental of movable, immovable property,
  • sponsorship,
  • membership fees,
  • income from their business activity,
  • revenue from sales of own information objects such as (brochures, publications, newsletters, literature, badges and others.),
  • revenues from organizing their own events,
  • wills,
  • income from public collections, lotteries and other games,
  • income from other legal sources.

§12 Termination of the Association

12.1 The Association shall cease

  1. merger with another association or voluntary dissolution
  2. final decision of the Ministry on its dissolution

12.2 The dissolution of the Association shall decide by a simple majority of female members / members of the association.

12.3 If the dissolution of the Association dissolution, the Bureau appoint a liquidator, if not done the General Assembly.

12.4 On termination of the association shall first pay all the debts of the association. The remaining movable and immovable property shall be used exclusively for public or charitable purposes in accordance with the original objectives of the Association.

in Tepličke, the date 01.10.2014