Hana Gregorová

Source: Zbierkový fond ŠVK – Literárneho a hudobného múzea v Banskej Bystrici.

She came from a fabric dyer Lilgov family. She attended folk and an elementary school in Martin, where she achieved a basic education. Subsequently she spend her lifetime by educating herself since formal education was not allowed to her.

In Slovak history, she is known as a female writer, journalist, publicist and active member of the amateur theater. Gradually, she worked in Nadlak (Romania), Presov, Martin, Bratislava and Prague:

  • In the years 1919-1920 she was working as an editor in the magazine Slovak´s East of Kosice,
  • Subsequently working for the Ministry of Education and Culture in Prague,
  • participating in the work of various associations, such as the establishment of Artistic Organization in Bratislava,
  • As an author she was contributing to the magazine Dennica,
  • working in the Slovak league Circles
  • Actively participating in the anti-fascist resistance,
  • was being Chair of the Slovak Women Union.

“She was advocating the rights of women and making female predecessors visible”
(Unknown work of Slovak women – Quartet EsFem)

We perceive her as the major female organizer of the Women’s movement and the first Slovak feminist. She called the unequal status of women publicly, and was participating actively in the change of that state. Hana Gregorová was getting involved as an educational female worker, advocate of emancipation and education needs of women. It was felt from her ideals:

Establishing women’s equality

Protecting democracy

Changing of social disparities

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